The History of a Voice

“Mesmerizing, at times magical, consistently moving, this book is essentially one long poem that flows, nearly seamlessly, as a river might or as wind in a field of tall grasses. The reader is carried into the deep time of a particularly sensuous mind that can present the vivid particulars of the moment and, as deftly, plumb the silences and dark nights of loss and grief which resist language. Over and over, Jopp offers words that re-member mother, father, sisters, and in particular, a friend: a beloved who has died and whose death has set in motion a quest of the imagination. Ordinarily in the course of grieving, we learn to “let go.” But word by word, this wonderful poet creates imaginal strategies of heart and mind that allow her to remain earthbound, life-bound, love-bound in the wake of death and loss. The result is a triumph of the imagination.”
—Margaret Gibson, Connecticut State Poet Laureate and author of Broken Cup, Not Hearing the Wood Thrush